Encrypted Communication Services

-- Spook.eMail provides E2EE encryption for 100% guaranteed pricavy
-- With E2EE you can be absolutely sure that ONLY the intended recipient can use it
-- Spook.eMail will never show any advertising
-- Spook.eMail is not for free, costs for extension after a 3 month free evaluation is 1 Euro per month incl. VAT
-- Spook.eMail is always without any obligations, if you want to end your subscription just don't pay anymore
-- Spook.eMail only accepts members from the Free World, i.e. Europe, North&South America, Russia and Australia
-- Send an eMail to Admin at Spook.eMail to get information how to join the Spook community
Additional Services -- included but only active if enabled by you
-- Personal Cloud to synchronize (encrypted) documents and settings between your computers
-- Public Cloud to share (encrypted) documents with other Spooks authorized by you
-- Private Discussion Platforms (without any Supervision) between you and Spooks selected by you
-- Vault Technology to save passwords -- with this you only need to remember 1 password for everything
-- Increase your computers safety with a real closed Firewall
-- Monitor all your computers connections at all times
-- Internet communications are NEVER safe and at best encrypted with Keys provided by big US companies
-- The NSA pays companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook to get access to their clients
-- You can be sure that everything is monitored by many governements and providers
-- Spook.eMail never uses any of these public Keys, but only their own constant changing Spook Keys
-- Additional you can create your own E2EE keys to communicate absolutely safe with other Spooks
Spook.eMail is created and distributed by: Rex Gladius BV, Kerkrade, The Netherlands (C) 1996-2018